Constellations & Sustainability

Our Commitment to Progress.

Working towards doing better as a brand is an ongoing process. We are committed to continuing to strive to make better choices for Constellations and within the fashion industry, building a better future. We've got a long way to go, but we are here for the journey.  



Working towards being an eco-conscious, socially responsible brand was integral to our brand from the beginning. We are committed to conducting our business responsibly and sustaining the natural environment as much as possible as we grow. We believe everybody should be doing their bit to help the planet, and whilst we can't promise to be 100% sustainable, we are doing what we can to minimise waste, ensure our workers are paid fairly and use conscious materials in our packaging. We are proud to have made the SME Climate Hub business commitment to be not only Net Zero but also climate positive by 2030. Being part of the push towards net-zero emissions gives our business an even greater sense of purpose and accountability for our surroundings. Our packaging uses zero single-use plastic, and before onboarding a new supplier, we ask questions about their carbon emissions and their certifications for people.

Finally, we offset carbon emissions by planting a tree through our partners (SettleUp Earth) in Mozambique with every order. Read more about that below.

Packaging - Minimal, Sustainable


The Facts


It is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic waste is created every year in the UK alone.

Half of this plastic waste, which ends up stuck in our landfills and our oceans, and can take up to 1,000 years to start to decompose, comes from packaging.


The Solution


Since our launch, our business is 100% single-use-plastic-free.

Our packaging is proudly both sustainable and minimal. This reduces the environmental impact of both the brand and our customers when they order from us. Not including any packaging that is not necessary and keeping it minimal also reduces the need to recycle the life of any excess packaging.


Constellations London conscious FSC-certified minimalist jewellery gift boxes


We do however believe that beautiful jewellery deserves to be protected. That's why every piece of Constellations jewellery comes packaged in eco-conscious, FSC-certified and recyclable cardboard Constellations London branded jewellery gift boxes, which we encourage you to keep your pieces safe in. This will help to keep your gold vermeil and gold plated products in great condition and free from damage - increasing their longevity.

Our cardboard postal boxes are also made from FSC-certified and recyclable cardboard, created from our partner's protected sustainable forest in Denmark. All tissue paper, stickers, and thank you cards have been crafted from either FSC-Certified or recycled cardboard or paper. We also offer a gift-wrap service for those shopping for presents with us, which you can opt in to, and uses recycled ribbon made from plastic bottle waste, removing plastic waste from the ocean.


Sustainability Through Design


Our efforts to be more corporately and socially responsible also include creating our jewellery from quality materials which last and moving away from throwaway fashion, cheap costume jewellery. Reflecting shifts in the fashion industry itself, our customer's desire for affordable luxury marks a move away from purely fast trend-focused pieces towards timeless, investment-worthy designs.

All of our jewellery is made from quality materials, across a range of price points. We offer 18ct gold vermeil and 18ct gold plating on 925 sterling silver, as well as a new collection of 9ct and 14ct solid gold fine jewellery. We have also recently introduced water-resistant gold jewellery, which is the most environmentally friendly of metals. All of our materials are also recyclable. Using a range of metals means our designs are accessible and affordable for everyone. Gold plating is ideal for those who want the appearance of real gold, without having the high price tag, and with good care will still last for years to come. Our fine jewellery in solid gold will last a lifetime with proper care and can be passed down for generations to come. 

Constellations London jewellery laid out on Constellations London branded conscious jewellery gift boxes


Giving Back


Being truly and completely sustainable when you are producing something new is difficult, so it is important to us that our brand also has a positive impact on other people's lives. To read about how we give back through our sales, visit our Giving Back page.


Planting Trees


At Constellations London, we want to make a positive impact on our environment. We offset the carbon emissions associated with our operations to help preserve the world we love. Through our partner SettleUp Earth, we fund one mangrove tree to be planted in Mozambique for every sale. Every order helps create fair employment, rebuild ecosystems, and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Why reforest mangroves? Crucially, mangrove forests protect against coastal erosion and allow the development of marine ecosystems. They provide essential habitats and help to maintain biodiversity. They are also among some of the most carbon rich forests in the world - providing huge benefit to the climate emergency. 


Encouraging industry change and UN Sustainable Development Goals



The work we fund through our offsetting partner meets 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Employees are paid a living wage for their work, irrespective of their gender or social status. The hiring of both local men and women helps to address gender inequalities within the region. We support poverty alleviation by providing sustainable incomes and secure, safe employment to workers in low-income countries. 

We believe that our business should exist not only to sell beautiful products - but to challenge norms in the fashion industry and create positive change towards a more sustainable future. 

We aim to post regular updates of our total donations and impact as we grow - so watch this space.


We are always looking to assess and improve our sustainability factors and do better, so any questions you may have on our sustainability efforts, or suggestions of what you would like to see from us are more than welcome. Contact us via email or by joining our instagram community.