A wearable reminder...

Constellations was named to celebrate the beauty of the universe; our jewellery designed to be wearable reminders of the unlimited potential, opportunity and possibility that exists within the universe and yourself.

Our mission

At Constellations, we are on a mission to create mindful, unique and quality jewellery that inspires confidence.


We handcraft limited edition pieces designed to live in, with an emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship.

Bethany Williams, Founder

Originally from the North East, our founder is a jewellery designer and fashion Buyer currently based in London.

After studying BSc Hons Psychology, she travelled the world for 4 years, spending time in over 70 countries and taking creative inspiration from everywhere she visited. Using inspiration from her travels and skills developed across a career in buying, she turned her hand to jewellery design in 2019, launching Constellations in 2020. The brand remains independently run, with support from some incredible people along the way.

The idea for Constellations began when I was handed down my Granny’s fine jewellery as a family heirloom on my 21st birthday. I wear her pieces everywhere and never feel complete going out without them. Jewellery has always meant a lot to me and is tied to many important memories in my life. I want to bring an essence of this to my brand with jewellery that is accessible to everybody yet will still last them years. I now design mostly demi-fine jewellery (gold vermeil, water-resistant and sterling silver), with some fine jewellery pieces (solid gold) in my range, too.

The brand is about building a positive force for change. That's why it was essential that Constellations would give back and take steps toward having a positive impact on the fashion industry.

“Small acts performed by many people
can transform the world”

Sustainability Pledge

In March 2023, we started making all our jewellery using 100% recycled silver. It's a step we've made to make immediate reductions in CO2 and be kinder to our environment.
All our deliveries and returns are carbon-neutral, and our packaging is all fully FSC certified, recycled, recyclable or resusable. We are 100% single-use plastic free. It's a lifelong commitment and we're improving and learning every day.

Giving back is at the core of everything we do. Our work with SettleUp Earth meets 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about our sustainability pledge and giving back efforts.

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