Giving Back

 giving back to charity with every sale 

Proudly Supporting When You Wish Upon A Star and SettleUp Earth 


One of the aspects of the Constellations brand we are most proud of is our commitment to giving back to our partner charities with every single item sold.

When you purchase any product from Constellations London, we contribute more than 5% of all profit directly to an incredible UK-based charity - When You Wish Upon A Star. Essentially, for every £20 we make, we donate at least £1 to When You Wish.

When you place an order with Constellations, we also offset carbon emissions and provide ethical work for tree planters in Mozambique, by planting one tree on your behalf through our partners, SettleUp Earth. 

We put giving back at the heart of everything we do, and believe that: 

"Small acts performed by many people can transform the world."


Our Partner Charities 


Constellations London x When You Wish Upon A Star


When You Wish Upon A Star fulfils the wishes of children living with a life-threatening illness. The charity could provide children with their very own laptop to talk to their friends whilst in hospital, take them on their dream holiday to Lapland at Christmas time, or whizz them off to Florida to fulfil their dream of going to Disneyland to meet their favourite characters. Providing them with an escape and amazing memories in the face of any adversity. We are proud to be able to support such a fantastic cause aligned with our brand core values. 

To read more about When You Wish Upon a Star's mission and work, find them at

You can also read our blog, which outlines in a little more detail why being able to give back to this amazing charity this year is so important. 


Constellations London x SettleUp Earth


At Constellations London, we want to make a positive impact on the environment. We offset the carbon emissions associated with our operations to help preserve the world we love. Through our partner SettleUp Earth, we fund one tree to be planted in Mozambique with every sale. Every order helps create fair employment, rebuild ecosystems, and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 


More than planting trees

Planting trees supports the reforestation of mangrove ecosystems in Mozambique. Why mangroves? Crucially, mangrove forests protect against coastal erosion and support the development of marine ecosystems. They provide essential habitats and help maintain biodiversity, whilst sequestering carbon at a rate 2-4 times greater than mature forests - the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. The rate of carbon offsetting is far greater when plating Mangroves. The impact of one tree planted over its lifetime is around an incredible 300kg of CO2 reduction.


Encouraging industry change and UN Sustainable Development Goals



The work we fund through our offsetting partner meets 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Employees are paid a living wage for their work, irrespective of their gender or social status. The hiring of both local men and women helps to address gender inequalities within the region. We support poverty alleviation by providing sustainable incomes and secure, safe employment to workers in low-income countries. You can also read more about our work towards sustainable development projects with SettleUp Earth on our blog.

We believe that our business should exist not only to sell beautiful products - but to challenge norms in the fashion industry and create positive change towards a more sustainable future. 

We aim to post regular updates of our total donations and impact as we grow - so watch this space.


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