Introducing Your New Favourite Jewellery: Water-Resistant Gold

Introducing Your New Favourite Jewellery: Water-Resistant Gold

Water resistant gold jewellery


Here at Constellations, gold jewellery is our thing! We have historically only used demi-fine metals to create our jewellery, such as solid gold, real gold vermeil and plating on sterling silver. They are true investment pieces, but they do require proper care to ensure the gold stays fresh and undamaged for a long time.


But what if you want to get your hands wet, go for a swim, get sweaty in the gym, and not have to worry about caring for or damaging your demi-fine jewellery That’s why we have created our brand-new water-resistant gold jewellery range!


It’s still made from higher quality metals, in true Constellations style. But it’s also tarnish, scratch, and gold-fade free, no matter what your day brings. Meaning it’s PERFECT for wearing all day every day, on your summer holidays, in the shower, wherever you please! The gold won’t wear away or scratch, so you can wear it everywhere without fear.


All of our new range pieces are made from a stainless steel jewellery base, which is a highly durable, scratch and tarnish-free and recyclable metal. It is also super affordable, hypoallergenic and won’t turn your skin green.


These pieces are then coated using a new PVD (physical vapour deposition) gold-coating process. This new, revolutionary way of plating is thicker than standard gold plating, is environmentally friendly and uses a vacuum coating process, resulting in an extremely durable finish. This isn’t real gold, like our gold plated and vermeil pieces, but that does mean it’s a lot more durable and affordable.


So what are the benefits of water-resistant gold?

  • Tarnish-free, corrosion-free, and scratch-free.
  • Very durable and easy to wipe clean.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Hypoallergenic, recommended for sensitive skin.
  • Most eco-friendly metal known.
  • 100% recyclable.


This range has been a hit with our customers so far, so we will be adding more designs to the range over the coming months! Keep an eye out on our social media and our website's New Arrivals for design updates.

Water resistant gold jewellery

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