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Big jewellery trends for 2023

Shine Bright in 2023: The Top Jewellery Trends You Need to Know for a Dazzling Year Ahead, According To The Experts


As part of our yearly project, we're taking a look at the top jewellery trends that are set to dominate the fashion world in 2023 and as always, sharing what we've learnt with our community! We've done all of the legwork on the research, so you don't have to. From bold, statement pieces to minimalist designs, this year is all about experimenting with different styles and embracing new trends that align with your sense of self. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we've put together a list of the top jewellery trends you need to know for 2023, backed by insights from leading consumer insights companies such as Drapers, WGSN, and BOF. Let's dive in...


1. Statement Earrings

Make a statement this year with bold and oversized earrings that demand attention. According to WGSN, statement earrings are set to be a key trend in 2023, with designers experimenting with a range of styles, from chunky hoops to long, dangling earrings. Our water-resistant gold, gold plated and gold vermeil earrings are perfect for making a statement, while our sterling silver and solid gold designs offer a more understated, sophisticated look that will transcend trends over time.

 Bottega Runway Dome Statement Earrings

Image: IMAXTREE/FERRAGAMO. Bottega Venata's Drop Earrings


2. Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces have been a popular trend for several seasons, and they're not going anywhere in 2023. BOF predicts that we'll see designers incorporating chunky chains into their jewellery designs, with a focus on sustainable materials such as recycled metals. Our contemporary chain necklaces come in a range of materials, from gold vermeil to sterling silver and are perfect for layering or wearing solo to make a minimalist statement. 2023 is also the year we move into recycled metals - so watch this space to dive into even more sustainable styles with us!


Chunky chain necklaces on the runway 2023


3. Coloured Gemstones

If you're looking for a pop of colour to brighten up your jewellery collection, then coloured gemstones are the way to go. According to Drapers, coloured gemstones are set to be a major trend in 2023, with designers experimenting with a range of hues, from bright and bold to soft pastels. Our Emerald Huggie Hoops, exquisitely crafted in 18k gold vermeil are the perfect first step for those wanting to try their hand at this colourful trend for 2023. And of course, green is our favourite colour... 

If you love green as much as us, we also recommend trying out Malachite jewellery. 



4. Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery has been a popular trend for several years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2023, in fact, it seems to be peaking. According to WGSN, personalised jewellery is set to be a key trend, with designers incorporating initials and other personalised elements into their designs. Our contemporary jewellery collection includes a range of personalised pieces, from initial earrings to name necklaces in 9k sold gold, making it easy to add a personal touch to your jewellery collection that will act as a modern heirloom.


5. Minimalist Design

If you prefer a more understated look, then minimalist jewellery is the way to go. According to BOF, minimalist designs are set to be a major trend in 2023, with designers focusing on simplicity and clean lines. Our sterling silver and solid gold collections feature a range of minimalist designs, from delicate bracelets you can stack and layer up to simple huggie hoop earrings, making it easy to achieve a chic and understated look.


6. Spotlight on Silver, and mixing your metals

One of the most significant trends in the jewellery industry recently has been the surge in popularity and demand for sterling silver. While gold remains the dominant choice for the spring/summer 2023 collections, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of silver jewellery being showcased. This trend has been observed across various fashion brands, from Loewe to Missoni. A statement silver piece adds an undoubtedly stylish touch to your ensemble.

Kim Kardashian wearing sterling silver statement earrings

  IMAGE: British Vogue

2023 is set to be an exciting year for jewellery trends, with designers experimenting with bold statement pieces, sustainable materials, and personalised touches. Whether you prefer a bold and daring look or a more understated style, our water-resistant gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver, and solid gold collections have something for everyone. So why not try something new this year and embrace one of the top jewellery trends for 2023? Click below to discover our full product range. 


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