Celebrating one year of Constellations: Meet the founder

Celebrating one year of Constellations: Meet the founder

The founder and director of the independently run small business, Constellations London Jewellery, smiling in a coffee shop


So, since Constellations is one year old this month (!!!! can you believe it?!) I thought it was probably about time I introduced myself.

Hi! I’m Beth - the face and one-woman band behind Constellations London, which means I am the jewellery designer, tech pack creator, buyer, marketing director, copy-writer, website builder, fulfilment co-ordinator and customer service 💁🏼‍♀️ We are a totally independently run, small jewellery business, based in London, UK, as you may have guessed by our name! 

I’m 27 and work full-time in fashion buying, using these skills to help me run Constellations and keep up to date with fashion trends, the very best materials to make different types of jewellery from and working with suppliers.

I love working in fashion, even though it is busy busy busy and hard work, getting to go to showrooms and shows to see the new product, bring a new collection to life and see it perform well, makes it all worth it. We buy over a year ahead of season, which means we always need to be attuned to what is going to be in fashion at the time, studying fashion and trends and what is going on in the world that may affect what people want to wear in a year.


The devil wears prada fashion buying meme

Channeling my inner Devil Wears Prada



Anyway, back to Constellations!

The idea for my brand really started when I was 21, inheriting my Granny’s fine jewellery collection. I wear her heirloom pieces every day and my outfit never feels complete without them. I want to recreate this feeling with my brand, keeping that quality aspect with pieces that are as affordable as possible.

That's why everything I create is crafted in 925 sterling silver, no alloys or cheap metals, and either plated or vermeil plated with real gold (18 carats!) or rhodium plating, part of the Platinum family. I also just launched our first ever 9-carat gold, solid gold necklace, at as low a price point as we possibly could. Super high quality is paramount to my brand.

I am passionate about sustainability in fashion. I want to build a brand that does things the right way, donating to two charities that make the world a better place and offering more than we take. I am always working to improve the brand sustainability offering and would soon love to work exclusively with recycled metals and handcraft all of my pieces.

Since August 2020, the brand has come a long way, with me now designing almost all of the pieces myself and donating to two amazing charities with every single purchase. All of the brand packaging is eco-friendly and plastic-free. The brand also supports sustainable development in less economically fair and stable countries.

I am so proud of where we are now and where we are heading and cannot wait to show you what is to come.

Beth x

Constellations London jewellery gold vermeil rings



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