7 timeless gold jewellery trends the fashion crowd are investing in right now

7 timeless gold jewellery trends the fashion crowd are investing in right now

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Top picks you can buy now and be sure to wear for years to come.

"Buy less, buy better" has truly become a buzz phrase in the world of fashion over the last few years. We believe that investing in higher quality, timeless style pieces and thus, having to buy less, is the best way to buy jewellery today. It's a concept we designed our whole brand around.

Wearing beautiful jewellery is one of the easiest ways to tie together and elevate your look. We believe that jewellery should inspire confidence as soon as you put it on and make you feel like you are ready to take on the world. Classic, minimalist statement jewellery is the foundation of any wardrobe capsule collection.

It's a guilty pleasure, but we do love to follow fashion. As soon as the seasons change, we are the first to explore our favourite shops to see which new trends have flowed down from the catwalks and swamped the high street, and discover what our favourite fashion set are wearing. This Autumn, we have loved seeing dressed up yet comfortable styles - a real sign of the times - including cosy oversize cardigans, luxe joggers and sportswear, longline tassels for a bit of added glamour, chunky leather boots, and leather trousers. Notably, gold is here to stay. Check out Autumn Winter's second-biggest trend, according to Vogue UK.

When it comes to jewellery, we champion investing in lasting, less trend-focused pieces that transcend the seasons. While trends come and go, there is something to be said for jewellery pieces that will last you a lifetime. Quality, capsule pieces can be layered or stacked to create more personal, style-focused looks. Investing a little more in quality and timeless styles will save you money in the long run.

In this ultimate guide, we round up seven of the best timeless yet fashion-focused gold jewellery pieces to buy now and wear for years to come. Whether you are looking to elevate a work-from-home look or up your accessorising game - we've got you covered.


1) Heavenly Hoops

Every woman should own a pair of perfect hoops - a capsule jewellery collection must-have. They're perfect for every day, the evenings and special occasions. A truly versatile piece. Best of all, they're timeless, and will always be in fashion. For a great hoop - invest in quality.

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The Classy Hoop

The 'IT Girl' Hoop - The Ava Solid Gold Hoop in 18ct Gold Vermeil

Sculpted with clean squared edges featuring a matte face and a polished outer edge shine, creating a sophisticated and elegant 'dressed up' aesthetic. Classic simplicity - reimagined.


Dainty Huggie Hoops


The Verona Huggie Hoop in 18ct Gold Vermeil and real Cubic Zirconia

Simplicity is often key. These work great stacked like a pro with other mini hoops for those with multiple piercings, as well as taking centre stage when worn alone.


2) Necklace Layering

When it comes to necklaces, jewellery lovers are catching on that sometimes, more-is-more.

Layered, delicate chains can elevate even the most casual outfit, whilst necklaces with chunky oversized links paired with pendant necklaces heighten the drama of your look.

Simple chain necklaces combined with interesting pendants worn at different lengths - up to 4 at a time - can create an interesting look that is personal to the wearer and conveys personality. Layer up classic favourites to create the mood you are feeling when you wake up every day.

The secret to the layering trend is investing in quality favourites to mix and match, which means that by themselves the jewellery is timeless and will last years to come. By themselves, your necklaces are investments. When combined you can crush current fashion trends.

We're all for products that can be mixed, matched, and made individual. That's why we also love stacking up our earrings to curate our ears, stacking our rings, and opting for doubled up bracelets.


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Layering Inspiration

Paperclip Layering Chain Necklace in 18ct Gold Vermeil

Medallion Coin Necklace


3) Chain Reaction 

This trend is all about both chunky and delicate link chains - bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. Whether you're a minimal only woman or like to mix in some more fashion-forward styles in your jewellery collection - chains will always be an accessory you can't live without and an essential for your jewellery box.

Look for sleek designs that will make a statement, without being fast fashion-focused. These types of styles are timeless, classic and sophisticated, and can be loved for years to come.

Chain necklaces will also make for layering perfection every time.


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Classic Style Chain Links

All Layered Up Chain Necklace in 18ct Gold Vermeil

A range of chain necklaces for layering

From left to right:

Figaro Chain Necklace in 18ct Gold Vermeil

Medallion Coin Necklace 

All Layered Up Chain Necklace in 18ct Gold Vermeil

Gold Paperclip Chain Necklace great for layering

Paperclip Chain Layering Necklace



5) Coin Pendant Necklace

Coin pendant necklaces are the classical style that is here to stay. These are necklaces adorned with an engraved coin pendant - reminiscent of an ancient medallion. This year, fashion girls are layering their medallion pendants as opposed to wearing just one.

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Medallion Coin Necklace


6) Delicate Bracelet

Everyone dreaming of building the capsule jewellery collection needs a perfect, quality bracelet. Our pick is the Rome Bracelet - named for the classic antiquity and beauty that it brings to the wrist. An investment piece worth having.

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Classy minimal gold bracelet | Constellations London Jewellery

Rome Bracelet in 18ct Gold Vermeil


7) Stackable Rings

Stacking rings are our new obsession. Choose rings that compliment each other - starting with one main ring, and build out your stacks around that by adding more rings which are either similar, or complimentary. Combine rings with a similar colour palette and/or design to create a harmonious look, or combine contrasting colours and shapes for added interest. Mix your metals sparingly!

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We hope you enjoyed this guide and learnt a few things from it too. Is there anything else you'd love to see from us? Let us know in the comments!

With Love,

Constellations x



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